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Chris P.
Salmon Arm, BC
Added about 2 months ago
Listed my house and trusted in PropertyGuys. Sold Extremely fast. Sold for 99.5% of my asking price with NO commission!!! Thanks PropertyGuys.com
Brandy H.
Salmon Arm, BC
Added about 2 months ago
Thank you! It was nice to not have to pay a commission!! Cheers! Brandy
Patricia Stevenson
Salmon Arm, BC
Added about 2 months ago
We thank you Neyna Pattison for all the helpful advise & service u gave us in selling our place thru Property Guys. Thanks Patricia Stevenson &Don McDonald

Three Keys to Selling Your Home

Regardless of the how you choose to sell your house, there are three important considerations; product, price and exposure. Have all three properly aligned and the likelihood of a successful sale increase dramatically:


This refers to the house itself. It also takes into account its location. How old is the property? Is it modern? Does it have features that are considered desirable for today's buyer? Is it in a great neighborhood? Close to amenities?

For the most part, home sellers have only so much control over these elements. Yes, as a home owner, you could update paint, floors and d�cor, but there is little you can do about the neighborhood and part of town you live in. The most important take away is understanding your house as it compares and shows to other homes for sale in your area.


One of the most important elements to selling a home is price. You must make sure the home is priced well. The most common way for self-sellers to hurt themselves is by setting either unreasonably high or absurdly low asking prices.

There are a couple approaches to setting your price. First, you can completely do it on your own by looking at similar homes in your area and setting your price accordingly. It's important to consider things like age, size, style, features, street, etc. as you gauge and set your asking price. Second, if you are less comfortable doing it yourself, you can always get the services of an appraiser to help you identify your price. For a few hundred dollars, you can rely on a local expert to help you come up with a price for your home.

Price is directly proportional to time on market. Homes priced under market are likely to move faster than average. Homes priced above market are likely to move slower. Understanding this relationship is an essential element to setting expectations in the private sale process.


The final element to selling your home is exposure. Buyers need to know your house is for sale. We know that over 80% of all buyers begin their search online so a strong web presence is important. Our website not only gets your property in front of buyers, it also gives buyers all the information they want; address, price, photos, virtual tours, notification tools, offer maker, etc.

We also have other options for getting your property seen on the web. We can help you get on multiple listing sites, including the one that agents use. We have a broker partner that can help you get on the agent website.

Exposure also happens with the sign on the front lawn. Buyers still drive around neighborhoods they'd like to live in and see what's available. A professional, well branded sign that gets noticed by buyers is an essential element exposure. Our round sign stands out from all the rest. We also provide voice messages of our listings through a toll-free number, text messages of our listing via our text to PRICE feature and smartphone access via our mobile apps.

The final element to exposure is local advertising which we offer through PrintPlus� Advantage.

We provide all these tools so you don't have to spend the money on commission. We want you to sell your house successfully on your own, so that you can keep the commission.

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