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Park Corner Kensington, PE SIGN # 49249


Get FIRST pick of these TERRIFIC lots! AMAZING view!!

Build your dream cottage or year-round home on these WATERVIEW LOTS located just 30 minutes off the Confederation Bridge, off route 20 on the beautiful north shore (Gulf of Saint Lawrence) of Prince Edward Island. Located overlooking popular Cousins Shore (within walking distance) and Lake of Shining Waters. Only 10 minutes from Kensington and 10 minutes to Cavendish (home of Anne of Green Gables, world famous golf courses, lobster suppers, white sandy beaches and many tourist attractions). Lots are high and dry, and are situated amongst mature trees. Private graveled road.

Lot 1-9
Lot 1-26,654 Sq Ft-$45,000.00
Lot 2-28,800 Sq Ft-$35,000.00
Lot 3-35,755 Sq Ft-$30,000.00- Category 2 Lot
Lot 4-54,138 Sq Ft-$30,000.00- Category 2 Lot
Lot 5-52,597 Sq Ft-$50,000.00
Lot 6-30,345 Sq Ft-$50,000.00
Lot 7-32,550 Sq Ft-$50,000.00
Lot 8-32,066 Sq Ft-$50,000.00
Lot 9-47,435 Sq Ft-$50,000.00

Option to buy all the lots together for $250,000.00. Call the owner for more details.

Property Details

  • Property Type:
    Land or Acreage no dwelling
  • Property Use:
  • Zoning:

Location Details

  • Golf Course
  • Park
  • Playground
  • Church

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