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How do I bookmark a listing?

Please note that these step-by-step instructions assume that you are currently signed into PropertyGuys.com. If you're not currently signed in, sign in now before continuing.

From search results:

Beneath the photo of the property, and to the right of the price you will find a star shaped icon. Clicking on the star icon once will bookmark the listings.

Listings which have been bookmarked will have their star icon turn yellow in colour. You can click the yellow star icon again to remove the bookmark from the property, the icon will return to a gray colour.

From a property listing:

On the property listing page, located as part of the Do Stuff menu, on the right hand side is a star shaped button with the word Bookmark beneath it. Click on the star icon, or Bookmark to bookmark the listing.

If a property has already been bookmarked the star will be larger than the other icons and the word Bookmarked will appear in orange beneath the star. You can click the star again to remove the bookmark.