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How do I ask a seller a question?

Please note that these step-by-step instructions assume that you are currently signed into PropertyGuys.com. If you're not currently signed in, sign in now before continuing.

To ask a home seller a question you must visit the listing page for the property for sale by the home seller.

Once you've selected a listing, you will find on the right hand menu, a box titled Contact Seller. Click on 'Ask a Question'.

You will then see a page titled Compose Message, enter your message to the seller in the box titled Message. Click 'Send' when you're ready to send your message.

When the seller respond you will find the message in your Inbox, which you can access by clicking 'Messages' at the top of any page.

Please note that in order to protect users against inappropriate messages we keep an encrypted log of all messages and the IP address of all users who communicate using this site. We respond to abuse according to our Terms of Use. Don't send anything through this message system that you would feel embarassed sending to your grandmother.