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How do I search PropertyGuys.com?

You can perform very simple, or very detailed, searches on PropertyGuys.com. To begin searching enter a city in the search field located within the orange search box at the top of the page. You can format your city search as just the name (ex. Waterloo) or you can be more specific and include the province or state (ex. Waterloo, ON).

If you're looking for a region instead of a specific city, you can also try searching for the region name (ex. Greater Toronto Area).

Or you may choose to enter a sign number, or partial address in the search field if you are searching for a specific listing.

Once you have entered a city, community name, sign number or partial address click on the blue 'Search' button to the right of the search field.

There are several search result "Modes". You can find the icons for each mode on the right hand column of the search results page.

By default search results are returned in a grid layout called "Listings Mode". You can also opt to see search results plotted on a map by choosing "Map Mode", or plan which open houses to attend using the "Open House Calendar" mode. Regardless of what mode you use, you can click on a property photo or address to view its full listing.

You may switch between modes at any time. Switching modes will not reset your search.

There may be thousands of search results for a particular city or region. There are two ways to narrow your search results:

Smart Search

On the right hand column of the search results page you will find smart search questions. The first question is "What is your price range?" You may use the slider to set minimum and maximum price range to narrow search results. Press 'Update' to save your preference.

Based on your answer to the first question you will be asked another question to further narrow your search results. You may also be asked questions that may expand the search results, for example letting you know if there are similar houses just outside your search radius.

Search Preferences

If you know exactly what you want you can click on 'Change Search Preferences' on the right hand column of the search results page click on. From this page you can quickly view and alter all of the search criteria used by the PropertyGuys.com search engine.

You can use search preferences to build very specific searches. You can save these searches so that you don't have to rebuild them every time you visit. You may also configure alerts to be notified when new properties matching your search criteria are added to the site.